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Client 2

New Design

It is essential to know what your necessities and your ideas are before beginning with a new design. This is why it is very important to me to know priorities of every single costumer of mine.
Knowing that, the first stone for the new design can be set, and everything will be built on it guaranteeing the best ideas and solutions.
Every project needs a story,... your story!

Client 3

Materials, color and complete furnishing concepts

From the idea of the project as a whole, to every single detail!It is not only to decide the wall color paint, or if a wall can be set here or there. It might be also important to you to know how your towel will look like, even the fork you would like to use in your dining room.Complete furbishing wishes are very welcome.

Client 7

Floor plans and layouts

Detailed floorplans and layouts are a necessary tool to reflect what every single client awaits for their space.These are also precisely made as executive plans for all works that will have to be done.

Kidds playroom and reading corner_Skizze

Specialized in children's room concepts

Being a mother myself has opened a new conceptual and design world to me when it comes to children's rooms conceptions.

I love to transform a simple room into their desired place, where they have the possibility to let go their fantasy go and feel very comfortable.


Everything you need for your space

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